Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Emergence of Medusa V

The warrior retrieved the alien data core from the wreckage of the ship's command deck.  Carefully placing it within the strange device that had been lugged into this battle, the warrior pressed the large pulsing button on the device's surface.

Strange symbols of an incomprehensible language burst into mid air as a holographic projection began.

The warrior could see from the images that the aliens had also noticed the appearance of a lost world.  The Medusa system, ravaged by the anomaly, had reappeared in real-space.  Most of the system was warped beyond recognition, but the 5th planet appeared to be relatively unscathed.

The warrior felt sadness as thoughts raced back to the abandonment of so many fellow warriors and valuable resources.  Hope flickered.  Was there a chance they still survived?

The warrior knew this, if they wanted to find out, speed would be of the essence.

Compelled to return, the warrior hefted the device and alien artifact.  Loping to the rally point, the warrior greeted the others waiting for transport.

The warrior rested and prepared.  A desperate battle awaited.

This website will list rules and suggestions for the "Emergence of Medusa V" Warhammer 40K campaign.

Later NOW you will find a web form to input your battle results.

The campaign will suggest 500 point battles.  The world of Medusa V was assumed destroyed by the Van Grothe's Rapidity. (at the end of the 2006 GW global campaign) The forces that have gathered aren't willing to commit large forces and even successful missions can result in the complete loss of a force as they return to base. 

As always, choose a point size for your battle that will ensure you and your opponent will have fun.  You and your opponent don't have to bring the same amount of points to the battle, and there will be suggestions on how to choose objectives that make for a fun and exciting battle, no matter the forces arrayed.

Rule 1.  Have Fun.  (feel free to ingnore this, if you want)

Rule 2.  Any named special characters that die in battle must be renamed before they are used again.  For example if Sgt Telion (a Legendary Space Marine Scout Sergeant) was to die, he could return in the next battle as Sgt Velion, Sgt Telion Jr., Cpl Telion, etc..

Rule 3.  Make three (3) 500 point lists.  (or whatever)  After a battle, if your force is destroyed, it may not be used in your next battle.  (alternatively, you could track this by individual units, your choice)  For an advanced rule, after any battle roll a d6. 
  • On a 1 your force was lost in a warp eddy, you shouldn't use that force for the next two battles, and rename named characters as above.
  • On a 2 or 3 your force was delayed and can't be used for your next battle.
  • On a 4 or 5 your force returned without any issues, feel free to use them again, assuming they survived.
  • On a 6 your force was hit by a warp eddy and a psychic shadow formed.  It fought in the battle while your main force ended up back at the base.  They can all fight in the next battle, even if the entire force was destroyed.  No renaming required.  Luckily any survivors for the battle melted into warp mists at the end of the fight, so your forces don't have to kill their evil twins.  Unless you want to. 

Rule 4.  Play on 4x4 battlefields.  Fight traditional allies and enemies, and make up good reasons why.  Make new alliances with witty names.

Rule 5.  Report the results, so that the narrative campaign can reflect the story you want to tell.

Report a battle here

That's it for now, expect more updates soon!